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Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

Dear Customer:

    Many thanks go to your trust for Guangzhou Perfect co., Ltd. In order to offer you high quality products and better service, we design a questionnaire. Please fill in the blank with any of your comments or suggestions. We make continuous improvement through active listening. Thanks for your cooperation.

Basic Information

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1.How many years do your company cooperate with us?

2.In all the products your company purchasing from us, which is the best-selling series?(Multiple choice)

3.Which do you value most when you cooperate with us?

4.How do you think of our product’s quality?


5.How do you think of our sales personnel?

6.How do you think of our customer service staff?


7.How do you think of our problem-solving ability?

8.How do you think of our logistic service?


9.Which areas should we improve? (Multiple choice)

10.Your other comments or suggestions: