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Non-slip Tray Series

  • Non-slip Tray Series

    1. A
    2.    Rubber Anti-skid surface,Prevent tableware slipping.
    3.    It is suitable for using at Restaurant,bar nightclub,Coffee,shop.
    4.    Weight light,More convenient and save labour for service.
    5. B
    6.    Using the latest technology to manufacture,advanced technology,good quality.
    7.    Glass fiber layer and the rubber layer solidified into an organic whole,resistant to 120 degrees heat and can not come off.
    8.    Impact resistance performance is strong,can prevent deformation effectively.

    A series
    Name Round Anti-skid Tray Rectangle Anti-skid Tray
    Art.No JW-N1600P JW-N1400P JW-N1100P JW-N1014P JW-N1216P JW-N11418P JW-N1520P JW-N1622P
    JW-N1600A JW-N1400A JW-N1100A JW-N1014A JW-N1216A JW-N11418A JW-N1520A JW-N1622A
    Size(mm) Φ405×22 Φ355×22 Φ280×20 Φ255×354×22.5 Φ299×409×20 Φ355×45×22 Φ380×507×22 Φ405×558×22
    Note Above items colour are Coffee,offer PC,PP material for choosing

    B series
    Name Round Anti-skid Tray Rectangle Anti-skid Tray Ellipse Anti-skid Tray
    Art.No JW-R1100P JW-R1400P JW-R10140P JW-R1216P JW-R1418P JW-R2500P JW-R2700P JW-R2900P
    JW-R1600P JW-R1800P JW-R1520P JW-R1622P JW-R1826P
    Size(mm) Φ280×22 Φ355×22.5 Φ270×350 Φ305×415 Φ355×460 490×590 560×685 735×600
    Φ405×22 Φ460×22 Φ380×515 Φ405×560 Φ450×650
    Note Abone items colour are Brown and black , PP material.